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What is Camp Kesem?

Camp Kesem is a week-long, magic-filled camp for children of cancer patients. Camp Kesem started in 2000 at Stanford University. After becoming a National Organization in 2002, Camp Kesem has grown to 54 college campuses across the country! In 2013 alone, over 2,800 campers and over 1,400 university volunteers were involved in Camp Kesem. The main goals of Camp Kesem are to bring back childhood for these children of cancer patients and to provide the basis of a lifelong support group. Camp Kesem changes life through peer-support and endless fun. 


The Magic Comes to BYU

Camp Kesem started its chapter at Brigham Young University from very small means in the summer of 2008 but has grown steadily each year since. In 2014, Camp Kesem at BYU served 100 campers and has a goal to reach 120 campers for our 2015 session! A group of dedicated student volunteers work year-round to raise the money to run camp and provide year-round support for these incredible kids. Your donation goes straight to helping us continue to grow and spread the magic to more families.

Camp Kesem is a Community Service Provider of Brigham Young University. The activities of Camp Kesem at BYU are entirely organized and directed separately from Brigham Young University, its employees and administrators. Donations made to Camp Kesem do not benefit nor are solicited on behalf of BYU. Camp Kesem uses BYU student volunteers, but is not a BYU organization and is not sponsored or funded by BYU. Camp Kesem uses “at BYU” for the sole purpose of distinguishing itself from other chapters of Camp Kesem. For more information regarding the relationship between Camp Kesem and Brigham Young University please contact our directors at byu@campkesem.org or visit yserve.byu.edu.


Our Pictures

At the 2013 session of Camp Kesem at BYU, Carrie Butler came and photographed the campers with words that they had chosen describing their feelings toward Camp Kesem and cancer. The end result was breathtaking. We believe these pictures express all the good that Camp Kesem does for this underrepresented population of children of cancer patients. On October 7, 2013, Livestrong featured an interview with Carrie about the pictures.
The article states: 

The experience has given Carrie a newfound respect for the strength of the children living with cancer at home. “We feel so much for these kids, but at the same time, I don’t think we give them enough credit. These kids have experienced things that have made them strong and empathetic and capable of these deep thoughts.”

(You can read the full article here.)

To view the complete collection of the "Let Them Be Kids" portraits, click here.



At Camp Kesem we don't just make friends and memories. We become a family. With your donation we welcome you into the CK family and send you all our #cklove. 

To donate by check, make checks payable to "Camp Kesem at BYU" and mail to:

Camp Kesem at BYU
P.O. Box 7173
University Station
Provo, UT 84602

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Updates and Donors' Comments

jennifer t8/8/2015 3:38:11 PM

Thanks for the t-shirts!

Jessica K8/6/2015 12:45:06 PM

Hope you amazing kids have a wonderful week! God Bless you all!

Asher H8/6/2015 12:10:23 PM

Sounds like a great organization to help kids at a time when they need it the most.

Kellene M8/5/2015 7:48:57 AM

My nieces will be there! They love this camp. Thanks for making a difference!