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I've thought long and hard about what word I would use to describe what Camp Kesem means to me, and after several attempts I've chosen one: blessing. Camp Kesem is a blessing to the children of cancer patients who get to experience a fun-filled week of camp for free, and for the student volunteers who are humbled by the opportunity to spend time with these kids. 

It was an incredible experience for me, because at age 19 I was given the chance to be a part of something that was so much bigger than myself, and to truly make an impact on a child's life. For a week this summer, I was privileged enough to spend time with campers who exhibited more bravery at their age than I had ever seen. Kids who had been through so much, yet still took every opportunity to smile, laugh, and love without hesitation. Free from the stress of  a parent's illness, school, and every day life, they were free to run and play and just be kids, and I did too. I got to creek stomp, blob, canoe, and play tag like I was still 8 years old.

I also saw myself in these kids. I understand the pain of having a parent with cancer, but at Camp we have each other. We understand, we support, and we are a family. I can honestly say Camp Kesem has made me a better person, and changed my life for the better. I've gained best friends in counselors and campers alike, and I've never felt more fulfilled and supported in friendship. 

I don't know if I will ever be able to give these kids as much as they deserve, or as much as they've given to me, but I will certainly spend my days trying. Please help me by donating, any amount of money you choose to give goes directly to sending another child to camp! This year we are trying to serve 75 great kids, and we appreciate your help more than you know. 

Camp Kesem love, 



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