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Camp Kesem University of Georgia

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When I first heard about Camp Kesem UGA last year from my friends my initial thought was this sounds like an amazing thing that I would like to be a part of. So I got involved and went to the training sessions and to a camper reunion all of these things just got me more excited to be a part of camp. Once the week of camp finally came around I was anxious and unsure if I was going to be ready to be a counselor, or if I was going to be able to remember all the kids names. But once the kids actually show up all of those anxieties go away and I snapped into camp mode. All of my fears went away and I had one of the best weeks of my life. The week at Camp showed me how mature the kids are at such a young age because they have lost or parent or had to deal with the possibility of losing a parent. The week at camp for the kids gives them a chance to be a kid again and just enjoy a week of camp and doing general camp activities. While the week at camp is a week to get relax and be a kid again they also have to opportunity to share their story how caner has affected their family. In getting to share their story and hear other people's stories this builds lifelong friendships between the campers, giving them someone that knows what they are going through and can give them support is one of the best things that Camp Kesem can offer to the kids. While the kids can get that out of camp, and I felt that was what I was going to camp to do, help the kids and provide emotional support for them. After the week of camp I realized that I had gotten much more out of camp than I had expected and very well might have gotten more out of camp than the kids did. Seeing all that the kids had gone through in their life just makes you realized how your problems are not so trivial. Being a camp counselor taught me leadership, and responsibility, team work, and communication skills. By donating to camp Kesem you can give a life changing experience to not only a kid but a counselor as well. Last year as a national organization Camp Kesem had about 3000 at their camps throughout the summer, this represents only about .1% of the kids that are affected by cancer in their family and have a need to go to camp. These “invisible victims” are dramatically under-served and often suffer quietly. They face feelings of isolation, low self-esteem, and depression that can create developmental, social, and academic roadblocks. Your donation will go to helping to reach those under represented kids affected by cancer and bring those children to camp, giving them a life changing week.

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