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Camp Kesem University of Georgia

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I can honestly say that the weeks I have spent at Camp Kesem have been some of the best of my life. It is one thing to see a year's worth of hard work come to fruition in the form of a week of camp, but quite another to see the magic that happens during it. 
During my time at camp, I have seen hesistant campers come out of their shells. Seen them open up, smile, giggle and form friendships. I've seen campers literally laugh themselves to tears and glow with joy. Unfortunately, I've also seen the real tears though; the tears of campers who are stricken to the core with the grief of loss or the fear of the unknown. I've seen them hugged and comforted by friends they have made just that week. I have seen them reassure one another and show strength that I could hardly fathom from children their age. I've seen them tell each other they will be there for one another if they ever need anything- and mean it. And most importantly, I have seen the pain fade as they begin to recognize strength and support that the Kesem family brings them. 

Just one amazing week has the power to turn a group of strangers into a family. And that one week is what I live for delivering. Please help me make my personal goal a reality by donating to an incredible cause that will be forever tied to my heart.

Kesem Love,



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