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Camp Kesem University of Georgia

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It’s hard to describe the magic that is Camp Kesem if you’ve yet to experience it yourself, but I will do my best.

In the most basic terms, it is a free, weeklong summer camp for kids whose parents have or have had cancer. But that doesn’t do it any justice; a week at Camp Kesem is so much more. Camp Kesem is magic. It is comfort. It is family. It is seeing a friendship forged out of the hardest circumstances. It is watching kids grow up before our eyes in just one short week and branch out to make new friends. It is a week of being a kid again, for our campers who have had to shoulder a hardship and for us, too.
            This past summer I was blessed to be a counselor and now I am even more fortunate to serve on the executive board as one of three Operations Coordinators.  With my team, we plan the week of camp, from the theme down to the arts and crafts rotations. When you're feeling generous, I hope Camp Kesem crosses your mind. Any donation, big or small, helps to send our deserving campers to camp and make this week of magic a possibility.
            Camp Kesem is so much more than a summer camp. Here, I have found my best friends, a family, and the best thing I ever have been, and ever will be, involved in. In each other, we have found a support system. We are a Kesem family. Help me give back to these kids as much as they gave me in just one short week of camp.

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