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I am a fundraiser for

Camp Kesem University of Georgia

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        Camp Kesem has changed my life in every aspect possible. I can honestly say that it has become my biggest passion in life. I know that sounds incredibly corny, but it’s true. It all started last year, my freshman year, when I heard a few of my hall mates going to an informational meeting for a club called Camp Kesem, a camp for kids who’s parents have or have had cancer. I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I showed up to that first general body meeting, but I knew I had fallen in love with this cause the moment it was introduced to me
         My entire year was spent in anticipation for camp that summer. Through trainings and bonding retreats, I fell in love with my fellow counselors and I knew I would fall in love with the kids even more. I can’t even begin to explain my experience during that magical week at camp.  I watched kids bond with each other, being able to relate on a deeper level than you could ever imagine. So often, we think about the cancer patient, but not always the effect this traumatic event has on their children.
         I have so much love for this cause and because we allow the children to come FOR FREE, we need all the financial help we can get. PLEASE consider donating to my fundraising page. You have no idea the difference you will be making in a child’s life.  

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