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There are an estimated 3 MILLION children in the United States with a parent who has or had cancer.

Living and coping with a cancer diagnosis has an impact on the entire family. Support for grown-ups is often readily available - but sadly, support for children is much harder to find. Because they are not physically ill and are often too young to communicate their needs themselves, the true mental and emotional impact of a parent's cancer diagnosis is often overlooked. These children are forced to grow up far too soon, having to live in a new world of scary treatments, medical terminology, and an ever-present fear for their parent's well-being. Without peers who can truly understand their circumstances and special emotional needs, these brave kids miss out on their childhoods and feel lost - 

until they find Camp Kesem.


What is Camp Kesem?
Camp Kesem is an organization devoted to embracing the needs of children affected by a parent's cancer by sending them to a life-changing week of summer camp, entirely free of charge. Every summer camp program is entirely planned, managed, and funded by a team of student leaders at colleges and universities nationwide.

Camp Kesem's mission is two-fold:

To provide children affected by a parent’s cancer with a supportive, lifelong camp community that recognizes and understands their unique needs.
To empower college students to make a difference and build invaluable leadership skills by developing and managing every aspect of their Camp Kesem chapter.

Making Magic Happen in Silicon Valley
In 2013, Santa Clara University became one of the newest campuses to join the Camp Kesem Family! Our first session of Camp Kesem SCU hosted 30 campers in August 2014.

Our team of student coordinators and volunteers could not be more thrilled to bring such a positive impact to local children and their families struggling with cancer - but we need YOUR help to make the magic happen!

Our First Camp!
We are so grateful to the people who donated and made our first Camp Kesem AMAZING. Because of your generous donations, we were able to have camp activities such as marshmellow shooting, a live concert from House on the Cliff, Batman visiting, a bouncy house, a "Drive in Movie", archery, fencing, swimming, soccer, arts and crafts, camp fires, and so much more. Through all of these activies the campers and the counselors grew closer together and we are very proud of our new Kesem family. We can't wait to have our second camp in 2015 and see are Kesem family grow more. Please help us make our camp even better this year!

Checkout our amazing video from our first camp: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lo6gHguiWgw

Help us bring magic to the children and families of Silicon Valley's cancer victims - donate today!

We're on Social Media!
Follow our journey to hosting our first week of camp and share some #cklove <3

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