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Kesem (n.): magic; the ability to change a life; an agent of growth; the unique power that transforms kids into Camp Kesem Campers

Camp Kesem recognizes and embraces the often-overlooked population of children affected by a parent's cancer.

In the days immediately following a person’s cancer diagnosis, the response is often overwhelming. Cancer affects more than just the person whose cells it attacks. The disease wreaks havoc on the entire family, though they bear no signs of illness. Children that have a parent with cancer are especially in need of support—their childhood is put on hold as they deal with the fearanxiety, and sadness that results from a parent’s illness. They often have a difficult time finding friends to whom they can relate, as few of their peers understand what it is like to have a parent with cancer.

There are over 3 million children in the United States who have been affected by a parent's cancer.

Camp Kesem was created to support and empower children like these.

We are a free, week-long summer camp, run entirely by college students and our campers are amazing! “Kesem” means magic, and our hope is to bring magic to the lives of children whose parents are affected by cancer. For one week every summer, we give our campers the opportunity to just be kids. Kesem campers enjoy arts and crafts, swimming, games, sports, roasting s’mores, zip-lining, and countless other fun activities. 

University of Richmond's chapter of Camp Kesem was founded in 2009 with 25 campers and we have grown ever since. In our sixth year of camp in August 2014, we are excitedly planning to host 75 campers! We invite you to join us as we raise money to give these amazing children the unforgettable experience of Camp Kesem!

Sending lots of Camp Kesem love and magic your way!
-Camp Kesem University of Richmond Counselors

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